Nov 14

Marketing Strategies for Apps

iPadAir-iPadMini_34B2B_lock-blue_home-nebula-PRINT_250x295If you contact us as a customer, the first thing we do is a consultation. If this results in an order, the programming starts. After this, the last phase of the project begins: the distribution of the new application. This is perhaps the most important point, because this determines whether the application is used by your employees or sells well in a store. If this does not happen, all effort was for nothing, and you have a failed IT project.

To prevent this, we can help you with various marketing measures. Using the example of an application for mobile devices (app), the following text shows what you can do to enable a successful launch. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Software for the Internet of Things

InternetDerDinge_01The Internet of Things is one of the main trends in 2014, which means that it is also a hot topic for X-info. This term refers to the fact that more and more objects (things) are network-compatible and connected to the Internet.

Such objects are living creatures or machines (technical objects) that exchange data over a network. Living creatures are, for example, people who use Google Glass or are equipped with a networked pacemaker, or animals on a farm which carry an implanted transponder. An example of networked technical objects are sensors in cars that use GPS information for communicating the most favorable setting for the suspension system almost in real time. Continue reading →

Nov 13

App Programming

app_programmierungIf you think about having programmed a new app, we can recommend an article that contains all necessary information.

You find the article here at our website. To get more information about our company, visit the App-Solut website. Alternatively, you can call Mr. Moritz Biersack (089/1891 788 37), or send him an email (moritz.biersack(at) – he will get back to you.

Jun 13

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth stage of the industrial revolution. With it a phase of reorientation in industrial production processes begins, which once again brings a huge boost in productivity.

X-info supports the new trend. Especially in the production of automobiles, we have introduced a variety of integrative processes by applying our software programs. This has significantly contributed to the fact that today you can already see the first applications of Industry 4.0 in production. And that’s just the beginning. Continue reading →

Jan 13

Windows Phone 8

We took an intense look at the new Windows 8 for smartphones and are impressed. It is smooth, fast, reliable and has some unique features, e.g. the animated tiles. That is why we now offer applications for this operating system. Contact us if you are interested.

Besides, Windows 8 runs also on normal PCs without any problem. I have installed it onto my own private gaming computer at home on a new SSD, and it starts very fast. One drawback here may be the new tile surface that works well on smartphones, but is rejected by most PC users. But it takes only one click to reach the desktop, meaning that you can completely forget the tile surface if you don’t want to use it. So, you lose nothing, but you win the new features and the new driver versions. Okay, you don’t necessarily need an upgrade if you use Windows 7, and probably you will miss the start menu (which can be cured easily). But apart from this, there are really not many arguments against the new system.

Dec 12

Motorola Headset Computer 1

Motorola HC1 is a miniaturized computer for use in industrial applications that can be worn on the head.

Motorola Solutions, the U.S. manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, has developed the HC1 computer. It comprises an integrated screen, camera, voice recognition and headphones. In addition, compass, acceleration sensors and rotation sensors are available that detect where the user looks, and allow control with gestures. The total weight of the entire system does not exceed 800 grams, and is intended to be worn on the head. The manufacturer assures that the machine is to be worked with comfortably, even with a prolonged daily use.

Continue reading →

Sep 12

iGrow – Corporate Growth at all Levels

iGROW is an iOS/Android application that was created by APP-SOLUT for Summerrain GmbH (Switzerland).

The application supports individual growth as well as personal performance improvement and aligns it with the achievement of strategic enterprise objectives. This is accomplished by simple exercises that require little time and are performed daily by the staff.

iGROW can be used in companies, associations or societies of any kind that want to realize the full potential of their employees. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Voting UPP – Direct Feedback

Voting Upp is a voting system that allows quick creation of surveys and direct feedback. It uses existing hardware, is platform-independent and does not need an installation.

Voting System for Teaching Activities

Voting Upp is a system for creating and conducting surveys at universities and colleges. It provides an immediate and direct feedback and it is easy to use. The necessary hardware devices are already available everywhere.

The creation of the questions is web-based with Internet-enabled devices such as PC, laptop, Mac, tablets. No installation is required.

Participants in the survey also use common Internet-enabled devices such as smartphone, laptop or tablet. For iOS and Android, apps can be loaded from the respective app stores; all other systems are browser-based web apps. Continue reading →

Mar 12

New APP-SOLUT Website

We are happy to announce that our new website is finally online: It provides an overview of all our services, introduces the team (don’t forget to scroll the picture!) and presents our recent projects. We have also set up a completely new design.

So, we really hope you like what we have created. But whatever your opinion may be, we are very exited to hear your feedback. You can contact us on the new website, write a Facebook message or leave a comment on this blog.

Feb 12

sense4c …smart measurement

sense4c-TRF01 is an adapter for smartphones and tablets that is equipped with a high-precision, digital temperature and humidity sensor. It enables fast and mobile detection of climate conditions in buildings, garment components or intermediate layers.

The sensor is plugged into the headphone jack and requires no external power supply. The collected data are presented graphically on the display and recorded in the background. The smartphone provides additional information such as position data (GPS) and ensures that the data are synchronized in the cloud. The data transmission is encrypted so that sensitive information is secured. Authorized users can access the data from any location and may even intervene actively using the return channel. Continue reading →